"Faith, sexuality and politics make for an explosive mix... Nuanced and thought-provoking."

"The Annual Ball is the theatrical dance hall event of the season."
L.A. Weekly

"The Arisen leaps out and grabs us with energy and threat and the promise of painful, painful secrets...  A brilliant execution."
Paul Zindel, Pulitzer Prize winner,  The Effects of Gamma Rays on the Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

"Carpenter writes like a house afire."
Jack Butler, Pulitzer Prize Nominee,  Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock

"Supercharged -- crisp, clever, to the point, humorous to hilarious..."
Stage and Cinema

"A flair for storytelling that captures the essence of  place--especially the deserts and mountains of the southwest--and the  honest, unflinching voices of people who bare their souls."
Emily Drabanski, Editor-in-Chief, New Mexico Magazine

"Carpenter's work, nuanced with social complexity, takes us through tough terrain. In the end, it's the refusal to settle for cynicism--the sheer heart--one remembers. She's a timely, strong, new talent."
Greg Glazner, NEA and Walt Whitman Award winner

"Too much pain, too much compassion, a lethal combination."
Hubert Selby Jr., Requiem for a Dream & Last Exit to Brooklyn

"Revelations from the Millennial Dreamworld is magical."
Aram Saroyan

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