"A rich, insightful and devastating drama... Miraculously renders each character as multifaceted and unexpectedly sympathetic."  Brandon Voss, The Advocate Magazine

"Faith, sexuality and politics make for an explosive mix... Nuanced and thought-provoking." 

"Not a lot of people write plays like this... where you can't stop turning the pages. It's like a blockbuster movie play."  Ethan McSweeny, Broadway Director, The Chautauquan Daily

"Intense, incisive, sad and thought-provoking... So begins the harrowing first scene of Carol Carpenter's new play Sweet, Sweet Spirit."  The Villager

"A moving and relevant story... Our somnolent Tyler is a unifying force, bringing out the best in those who have gathered to discuss his future, if he has one."  NYTheaterNow.com

"Supercharged! Crisp, clever, to the point, humorous to hilarious..."  Stage and Cinema

"Sheds lights on the underrepresented stories of the Mexican-American borderland, and does so in the form of an exceptionally suspenseful thriller."  Vivienne Benesch, Artistic Director, Chautauqua Theater Co

"A flair for storytelling that captures the essence of  place--especially the deserts and mountains of the southwest--and the  honest, unflinching voices of people who bare their souls."  
New Mexico Magazine

"Beautifully realized in all respects. A must-see, true attention getter."  
Joe Hardy, Tony-winning Broadway Director

"Beautifully written with an exceptional cast. Hurry to see it!"
Joy Franz, Broadway Actress