Sweet, Sweet Spirit
Play: Family Drama 

When a father's temper lands his gay teenage son in the critical care unit of a small-town West Texas hospital, the family members square off to assign blame and claim custodial rights. But as his condition worsens, each must turn inward and ask the tougher questions: Who, among them, is best to care for this child, and what place can they find for him in their world?

Named by Playbill: A Top 10 Must-See Fall Show

"A rich, insightful and devastating drama... miraculously renders each character as multifaceted and unexpectedly sympathetic."
-Brandon Voss, The Advocate Magazine 

"Carol Carpenter has written a moving and relevant story... Our somnolent Tyler is a unifying force, bringing the best out of those who have gathered to discuss his future, if he has one."

"Beautifully realized in all respects. A must-see, true attention-getter."
-Joseph Hardy, Broadway Director